Hornets take 2nd Place at Got Heart Tournament!

Updated Sunday January 28, 2018 by NRSA.

1/27/2018 - The GU9 Hornets took second place at the Cornwall Got a Heart Tournament at the Hudson Valley Sportsdome!

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Birth Year 2005 $1,450

2006 Travel Registration 2017 Fall-2018 Spring

Birth Year 2006 $1,350

2007 Travel Registration 2017 Fall-2018 Spring

Birth Year 2007 $1,250

2008-2010 Travel Registration 2017 Fall-2018 Spring

Birth Years 2009 & 2010 $1,150
Birth Year 2008 $1,150

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Players train with an existing travel team on a month to month basis. Some plays my be eligible for guest league play or tournament play.
$20 Transaction fee
$60 Monthly training payments

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Spring Soccer 2018

The Spring program gives all players the opportunity to participate in a Spring-time program that is designed to give each player the chance to play in a fast paced soccer environment. In turn, players in the program will have the opportunity to get lots of touches on the ball and learn the creative and free-thinking aspects of the game. Skill will most definitely improve, as each player will gain experience playing at a fast pace, and further tactical knowledge that will carry them into a higher level of player in the Fall.

The Spring program is for players aged U6-U14. Teams will be grouped into four age groups, U6, U8, U10, U12 and U14 (for example, U7 and U8 players will be put in the U8 age group). The program is offered to both boys and girls. There is limited spaced available, with 8 players per team and 6 teams per age group, their will only be 48 spots available at each age group.

Tot Soccer Spring 2018

3-5 year olds (Pre-School)

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